Photos by Daniel Terna. Images courtesy of 321 Gallery.


Paul Kopkau & Annie Pearlman
Up All Night
March 9–April 6, 2014

hey i just got over the bridge

im at home about to take a bath. who are you with

im with a friend we are going to make a stop

do you need anything?

how long are you going to be

what street is it again?

the street with the restaurant with the lights?

yeah that one

ok i see the park now on my left

alright its a few blocks past the park

the big apt building on the corner

apt number?

the buzzer is broken let me know when youre outside


are you still coming?


Paul Kopkau (1982) is a founding member of the group Yemenwed and has participated in group shows at Blackston Gallery and Magic Fingers New York. He will be graduating from the M.F.A. program at Rutgers University in May, 2014.

Annie Pearlman (1982) is a composer and visual artist working in Brooklyn, NY. She has participated in numerous shows in and around New York as well as internationally. Recent exhibitions include Inside the Groove at Dem Passwords (Los Angles), 30 Years of Painting at Vermont Studio Center, Close to Everything at Tomato House Gallery, Draw Gym at 247365/Know More Games, and CKTV at Cleopatra’s. Pearlman received her B.F.A. from NYU in 2003.