Photos by Daniel Terna. Images courtesy of 321 Gallery.


Mekko Harjo & Daniel Terna
June 21, 2012

321 Gallery is pleased to exhibit the work of two artists whose use of photography explores relationships between personal documentation and photographic fiction. This show marks the first collaborative exhibition in this space, located in a historic brownstone in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Mekko Harjo focuses on the delicacy of human form within our surrounding concrete landscape. Though aesthetically influenced by the meditative imagery epitomized by large-format photographers such as Edward Weston, Harjo’s work is shot on the fly, utilizing pocket sized point-and-shoot cameras.

Daniel Terna uses photography to visualize states of inertia, implying an open-ended narrative without a clear resolution.

A customizable, hand-made book produced during the opening reception by Mekko Harjo and Katrina Kiapos will be for sale.