Photos by Daniel Terna. Images courtesy of 321 Gallery.


December 13–16, 2014

321 gallery is pleased to present Marketplace, a weekend exhibition and benefit to help mount future exhibitions. 34 artists were selected to produce a range of small artworks and artist editions for this show, and a limited collection of 321 merchandise will also be available. Items for sale include: ceramics, beach towels, tie-dye socks, mugs, jewelry, paintings, soap, zines, cookies, AND MORE! Everything a hundred bucks or less.

Featuring work by: Nayland Blake, Esther Nila Boesche, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Gil Gentile, Laura Gonzalez, Graham Hamilton, Jeannine Han, Mekko Harjo, Stephanie Harris, Kitti Irwin, Leah James, David Kirshoff, Essy Klempner, Shawn Kuruneru, Kricket Lane, Marie Louise Omme,Xavier Lujan, Israel Lund, Rachel Malin, Hannah Mandel, Annabeth Marks, Sophy Naess, Shawn Penn, Nick Pilato, Rory Rosenberg, Andrew Ross, Am Schmidt, Leah Shirley, Daniel Sullivan, Daniel Terna, Fred Terna, Raine Trainor, Elliot Wright, and Sarah Zapata.