Photos by Daniel Terna. Images courtesy of 321 Gallery.


Joy Syringe
June 28–August 2, 2014

Joy Syringe – happiness in a tube – a prescriptive bliss of temptatious fixed focus. Works of art engage the bell curves of dominance and narrative, gifting small revelations that oscillate between trauma and ecstasy. The messages they dispatch slide between coherency depending upon their present and future tense. Each piece on display becomes a plume on the fusion of horizons[1] performing as thickener in the starched dopamine haze of desire. A bridge OR a gap, a fissure AND a fusion – singularities calcified in-between. Tabula Rasa’s becoming objectified aides of clarification. Burn the frost. No more ice.

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Joy Syringe is an exhibition and pollination of the 2014 London Biennale: MAPS – MAZES – MYSTERIES organized by Joseph Imhauser Featuring artworks by: Rheim Alkadhi, Nancy Barton, Sofi Brazzeal, j.frede, lyeberry, Taro Masushio, Antje Rieck, with catalogue essay by Laurence Rickels (PDF).

Thanks to 321 Gallery, David Medalla, Adam Nankervis, and Giovanni Ricci.

1Gadamer views understanding as a matter of negotiation between oneself and one's partner in the hermeneutical dialogue such that the process of understanding can be seen as a matter of coming to an ‘agreement’ about the matter at issue. Coming to such an agreement means establishing a common framework or ‘horizon’ and Gadamer thus takes understanding to be a process of the ‘fusion of horizons’ (Horizontverschmelzung). The notion of ‘horizon’ employed here derives from phenomenology according to which the ‘horizon’ is the larger context of meaning in which any particular meaningful presentation is situated. Inasmuch as understanding is taken to involve a ‘fusion of horizons’, then so it always involves the formation of a new context of meaning that enables integration of what is otherwise unfamiliar, strange or anomalous. In this respect, all understanding involves a process of mediation and dialogue between what is familiar and what is alien in which neither remains unaffected.

Read Shots by Laurence A. Rickels