Photos by Daniel Terna. Images courtesy of 321 Gallery.


Flase Scent
September 13–October 19, 2014

Curated by Sean Keenan and Holly Stanton

Sunday, September 21 - Erin Jane Nelson: Personal Upgrade (live score by Craig Dermody), 7 PM
Saturday, October 11 - Cammisa Buerhaus: In the Mirror I'm Full Length & Sam Davis: Dog Flesh Special, 7:30–9:30 PM

Jason Benson and Erin Jane Nelson, Katy Cowan, Jesse Greenberg, Ann Greene Kelly, Sam Lipp, and Willa Nasatir

321 Gallery is pleased to present FALSE SCENT, a group exhibition curated by Sean Keenan and Holly Stanton. FALSE SCENT mines the parallel but competitive processes within the work of material-oriented makers. The exhibition, a collection of studio-based and site-specific works, reveals physical products of the artists' manifold practices, which include founding and curating project spaces, bookmaking, playwriting, and cross-pollinating mediums through layering and experimentation. An almost sublime vernacular infuses each artist’s work, with great care and attention to craftsmanship paid to the unorthodox. In each case, the use of material and form undermine a direct relationship to genre.

Holly Stanton + Sean Keenan formerly programmed Back Yard Projects, a project space in Alphabet City with an emphasis on site-specific installation and performance. Previous exhibitions include Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Nathaniel de Large, Scott Keightley, Juan Antonio Olivares), NEW AGE NEW LIFE (Morgan Silver-Greenberg), Vis-A-Vis (Ann Greene Kelly, Elizabeth Jaeger, Amanda B. Friedman, Tim Lokiec + others), and original performances by BFFA3AE, Andrea Merkx, Sarah Elliott, among others.