Photos by Nathaniel de Large

Photos by Daniel Terna


DECEMBER 10, 17, 2016

321 Gallery is pleased to present four evening showings of Postictal Paradise, a performance by David Kirshoff revolving around his recently completed video trilogy All Shook Up.

As four nights of dinner theater, the exhibition is a multi-screen, multi-sensory mash: a cinematic experience, a swirling vaudeville swamp.

When the mind is serene, like an ancient and placid pond, the splash of a frog entering the water can reveal the way of the universe. Jarring reverberations induce renegotiation and deeper understanding. Three characters form a confederacy of dunces to usher the viewer on a journey through such disruption. One is an amphibious man. He’s a slippery gentle hop—an all-knowing dependable friend, a dancer type. There’s also a phony—a man who’s something of a has-been wannabe, a sloppy rocker, a relic, a greasy jukebox trickster tune just before last call. Stained belly, stray hairs. The third costar is grampa, the bedridden wisp of a downtown heartbreak. A wallowing story, a whip-cracking smell of the old days, inviting you to come along.

David Bernstein
Sudeep Chary
Patrick Mohundro
Tin Nguyen
Andrea Potter
Raine Trainor
Roxanne Yamins
Sarah Zapata

David Kirshoff is a Brooklyn based artist who creates immersive experiences using a combination of objects and atmosphere. He received a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and has shown with 99 Cent Plus Gallery (2016), Red Bull Studios (2015), KnowMoreGames (2014), Violet's Cafe (2013), el Museo del Barrio (2013), and Handjob Gallery (2013) in New York and Welcome Screen (2014) in London.

John Chiaverina, "Puppets, Bagels, and Amphibian Usher: At David Kirshoff's 'Postictal Paradise' at 321 Gallery in Brooklyn," ArtNews, December 8, 2016